What does your favorite genre say about you. Which one are you?

Have you ever thought about what you can learn about someone by their favorite book genre? I’ve listed a few below and what they say about you as a person. Have fun!

fantasy 1. Fantasy

If you like fantasy, you probably have a huge imagination. You might want to travel, to escape to somewhere other than the world we live in. The magic and impossibility of fantasy novels, while still holding a reason behind how and why this world exists in its own way, gives a thrilling feeling of adventure.

sci-fi2.  Sci-Fi

Science fiction is very similar to fantasy in that it’s equally realistic and fantastical, but the primary difference lies in how it’s laid out. Science Fiction is technically possible, because it is based on science and fact. If you like these, you probably enjoy understanding how and why things work, while still honing your imagination.

non fiction3. Non-Fiction

If your favorite genre is nonfiction, you are very grounded into this world. You love to learn new things and you constantly gain new knowledge from the experiences in your books. While you may still like adventure and suspense, you receive comfort knowing that what you’re reading is true.

romance4. Romance

If you crave love stories in your life, whether realistic or not, you might wish something like that upon yourself. And you’re not alone. Who wouldn’t want the classic love at first sight thing to happen to them, especially with how much pressure pop culture puts on us to want it? It can be comforting to know that love is possible for anyone, and you  never  know when to expect it.

hitory5. Historical

This quite often falls into the realm of nonfiction, but is slightly different because it took place long ago and isn’t necessarily entirely true. Some may have been embellished for story purposes. If this is your favorite genre, you like to learn, but it’s also possible that you like other eras. You would rather have been born in another century, and some people might not understand that, but your books do.

poem6. Poetry

Poetry is a genre based more off of how words fit together than what they mean. A single poem can be analyzed in many different ways, and the freedom of how you want to interpret it is likely what you find appealing. You like to think and analyze for yourself, while finding meaning. This might extend to your life. As you search for a meaning in your life and the world around you, you want to make it out to be beautiful in its own way.

Book Amaz7.  Mystery/Thriller

If mystery is your genre of choice, then you like answering questions and figuring things out. You’re always guessing what’s going to happen next in books and in life. This makes you incredible to be around because you’re always up for a sudden twist of plans.

genres.png8.  All Genres

If you don’t have a favorite genre, but will read anything equally willingly, you are an incredibly well-rounded person. You aren’t picky and you’re easy to be around. Your willingness to read anything might transfer into what food you like, where you’d rather go on a date, and this gives the people around you the ability to make decisions without worrying too much about what you think.

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