Coincidence or Providence


The Sequel “The Holy Predator” will be released in October

When trying to pull ideas together to write THE SERPENT’S DISCIPLE, my first thought was to have it take place in Pompeii.  Visiting there a few years ago, I imagined endless possibilities choosing that for the setting of the book.  My next task was to find a group that was up to no good to spin a story around and eventually, discovering the group Propaganda Due. I’d never heard of the Secret Society and what ’s more, they were out of Rome, Italy. Voila, I found exactly what I was looking for, coincidence or providence.

Pompeii got bumped and Rome and the Vatican were now the location but, my intention was always to include my father’s birth place of Pesaro as one of the places my characters travel in the story. Little did I know how significant that would be!

After, writing several chapters thought it would be fun to come up with a title for the book. So, I made a list and whittled it down to five names and asked people to vote. Since, I was writing about a group whispered to be involved in murder, I thought it appropriate to include the word serpent in at least one of the titles. Guess what, that was the one receiving the most votes! Again, as I look back was this coincidence or providence.

Now, back to writing the book.  Art History being one of my favorite subjects in college, I began researching places I would have my characters visit. It became a mission of mine to educate the reader on the places and art, I wrote about in the story even making sure to use the real name of the streets.

Allowing, the reader, to tag along with the characters and experience everything as if they were there with them in Italy. As, I continued developing the plot, it was very mysterious to find out there was a link between my father’s birthplace and the group Propaganda Due. There was no way for me to know how the two would intertwine with one another, coincidence or providence.

I won’t give away the story but, if you read the book know that for some unknown reason I was guided to include Pesaro in the story and to end up stumbling on the group Propaganda Due! Coincidence to Providence, I’ll let you be the judge of that.

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