Book Trailers vs. Movie Trailers



Book trailers are relatively new for today’s readers. With music, text, images and sometimes little movie clips, a trailer can offer a greater sensory experience than you can get from a written review of a novel.

Like movie trailers they are easy to watch and easy to share. If a book trailer is done well it can give the reader a visual snapshot of what they will find between the pages of the author’s writing.

With more people looking online to find their next book to read, it’s Easy and Fun to sit back and watch a one-minute clip of the book they are considering to read and get a sneak preview.

One of the enjoyments of a book trailer is it can live on as long as it remains online allowing the reader to relive the story of the book.

It may be unfair to compared Book trailers to Movie trailers. Anyone who comes across a book trailer will expect a cinematic experience; but book trailers are different you still want the reader to use their own imagination but setting the stage can be of interest.

As a reader it  gives you a flavor of the book.

To watch a book trailer you can go to where I have had  two Book Trailers made for the novel “The Serpents Disciple”